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Independent Living, Plus A Little Something More

Has your search for the right level of senior living care left you feeling confused? Are you concerned about the cost of senior living? We may have a solution for you! Harrison House of Chester County has created a new level of living to solve a problem we have seen evolving over the past several years while meeting with seniors and their loved ones.  Too often, we have seen a need for some assistance or additional services for residents in Independent Living.  A gap existed in services between Independent Living and Personal Care/Assisted Living.  In 2020, we decided to fill that gap with a new program, Independent Living Plus.

Harrison House's Independent Living Plus senior apartment in Coatesville, PA

What is Independent Living Plus?

Independent Living Plus is the step between true Independent Living and Personal Care/Assisted Living. It is Independent Living but with a touch of assistance. It is a program that we created for a person who strives to remain Independent but would prefer the security of a skilled professional administering their medication. Or for the person who can take care of themselves but not the cooking and the cleaning of their apartment.  As an Independent Living Plus resident, you will enjoy everything Independent Living has to offer plus the following:

  • Two delicious meals per day
  • Medication Management by our team of skilled professionals
  • Weekly Housekeeping
  • Daily program of fun & engaging activities
  • Transportation to and from local appointments


What Independent Living Services are Available?

Residents who participate in the Independent Living Plus program enjoy all the same benefits and accommodations are resident’s who are in Independent Living. The program was not intended to take away a person’s ability to live on their own, in fact, it is meant to extend a person’s independence for as long as possible.  Resident’s who live in Independent Living enjoy the freedom to come and go as these please, this remains for those in the Independent Living Plus program.

Convenient Services Offer Simplicity and Security

Additional services that Independent Living Plus enjoy are intended to make life simpler. Weekly housekeeping is designed to assist you in keeping your space clean without having to disrupt your schedule. Your time should be spent enjoying the variety of activities that are ongoing around the community. Our transportation services are there for you if you do not feel comfortable driving.  Medication Management lets our professional nursing team keep you healthy and on track so that you and your loved ones can relax knowing that medications are being taken on time and accurately. And of course, regularly dining in our gorgeous, newly renovated dining room is a benefit of the Independent Living Plus program!