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Dear Karen,

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to discuss my Aunt Evelyn and her possible placement at Harrison Senior Living, Memory Care Unit. I realize that I popped in on you, and you were not prepared for my visit, yet I marvel at how you took so much time and interest in our family situation. It would have been so easy (and have taken much less of your time) to simply say there that there is a waiting list for the Memory Care Unit, take down the name, and send me on my way. However, your willingness to listen to our family’s plight and to provide guidance on the direction and steps to take to apply for Aunt Evelyn’s admittance into the Harrison House Unit is deeply appreciated. You also offered to provide a tour of the facility, which you have every reason to be proud to “show off.” My Aunt and our family would consider ourselves very fortunate if she is able to live in your Memory Care Unit. It is a rate instance in this world in which we currently live to come away from an interaction feeling that you have been heard and understood. For that I thank you.

It is my pleasure to know that caring individuals, such as yourself, administer the senior living in our town.
-Debbie Short

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