Harrison House of Chester County & John B. Parsons Are Officially Great Places To Work!

Harrison House of Chester County & John B. Parsons, Assisted Living, both Harrison Senior Living communities, have been certified as A Great Place To Work!  The teams at Harrison House & John B. Parsons were given the opportunity to participate in A Great Place To Work’s signature survey recently. The purpose of the survey is to measure a wide range of workplace experiences and give participants the ability to provide feedback on how their workplace could be better. Over 60 percent of the teams at both communities responded to the survey overall and highlights included:

  • 87 percent felt good about the ways their work contributes to the community at large.
  • 86 percent of team members felt that they make a difference at work.
  • 85 percent of people felt their job had special meaning or purpose.

Bruce McNamee, Chief Human Resource Officer, initiated the survey for each community at Harrison Senior Living.  He explained that “2020 was such a difficult year for our staff we wanted to make sure we were staying in touch with how they are truly feeling. Of course, our efforts to get feedback from our employees is ongoing, but offering an official survey gives folks an opportunity to express themselves openly and honestly, which is really what we are looking for.” As a family owned and operated organization, Harrison Senior Living remains true to their values empowering team members to strive for the highest quality and standards. Both Harrison House of Chester County and John B. Parsons are very excited to have earned the certification as A Great Place To Work!