Harrison House of Chester County’s Updated Visitation Letter

Please read this important letter regarding visitation at Harrison House of Chester County.


Dear Families and Friends,

We would like to open the facility for visitors October 27th, 2020. In order to do this, we will need to be diligent in protecting our residents, your loved ones, for such visits with a visitation policy. Understand that if the positivity rate reaches above 10% in our surrounding county, Harrison House of Chester County has the right to close our doors to visitations, for the safety of our residents.

Per Department of Human Services and CMS guidelines, we must follow the criteria as follows:
1. Screening of all visitors with temperature checks and questionnaires.
2. Hand hygiene with alcohol-based sanitizer will be used.
3. Face coverings that cover the mouth and nose worn at all times.
4. Social Distancing of 6 feet or more will be enforced.
5. Surface cleaning and disinfecting to be performed in the designated areas after each visit.
6. Resident may not be in quarantine at time of visit.

We will follow the following protocol:
A. Outdoor visits are preferred, but as the weather conditions change, the health status of our residents
may prohibit outdoor visitations. Indoor visits will be allowed under these conditions.
B. Designated space for visits will be in three areas located on our ground floor. There will be two spaces in
our library area and one space in our gift shop.
C. A table will be set up to allow for social distancing, Visitors may not touch their loved one for any reason.
D. Mask must remain in place during entire visit for resident and visitors. Mask must also be worn upon
entering and exiting the building.
E. Visitors will be escorted to the designated area for the 45 minute visit.
F. Hand Sanitizer will be available on each table during visit.

All visits are by appointment only and scheduled through the receptionist during normal business hours.
Visitation days and times are as follows:

1. Tuesday: 1 pm to 5 pm. Last visit at 4 pm.
2. Thursday: 1 pm to 7 pm. Last visit at 6 pm.
3. Saturday: 9 am to 3 pm. Last visit at 2 pm.
4. Each visit is 45 minutes with allotted time to clear and sanitize the space.
5. Two (2) visitors will be allowed for each resident at each visit.
6. No more than one visit per week, per person will be allowed.

DI. Point of entry for your indoor visit will be the Main Entrance.

1. All visitors must arrive five (5) minutes before your designated visitation time for temperature check and questionnaire. The screener will keep a log of all visits including name, and start/end time of visit. Once visitors are screened, they will sanitize their hands and a staff member will escort you to the visitation area.
2. Staff members will escort the resident to the visitation area.
3. Staff member will remain to ensure social distancing is maintained.
4. Visitors will maintain appropriate social distancing and wear a mask at all times. There is to be no physical contact. As much as you want to hug, touch, or make any contact with your loved one, this can be detrimental to our resident’s health.
5. If a visitor does not maintain our protocol, they may be asked to leave and/or have their visitation privileges revoked at the discretion of the Executive Director.
6. Visitors will sanitize their hands after exiting the visiting area.

DII. Under no circumstance should visitors leave, food, gifts, clothing, and other personal items for the resident at
the visitation. You must still leave these items with the receptionist and they will give them to your loved one
after your visit.


Jean C. Bryan
Executive Director